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Важные новости - конференция с Home Office по EEA law сегодня, 14-12-2020

Bullet points from the EU immigration law conference on 14-12-2020 with Gabrielle Monk (Head of Euro and Settlement, and EU Settled Status Customer Resolution Centre) and Adam Lamont

Note some VERY important points, highligted

- Indefinite Leave to Enter (ILE) under appendix EU may be granted to children under the Appendix EU
- Also, Limited Leave to Enter (LLE) may be granted for other family members like parents – under the Appendix EU -> leave for 5 years
- EU Family members may join via App
- Entry Clearance (EC) via EEAFP – initial grant may be reduced to 4 months (after 1st April 2021)
- March 2022 – deadline for Surinder Singh partner to apply for come into the UK; relationship must have formed before 31-12-2020
- Dependency – parents – assumed before 01-07-2021; after – will need to prove dependency
- Durable partners may joint after 01-01-2021 if they can prove the relationship was existing before 31-12-2020
- Swiss nationals and their family members – relationship can be formed before 2025 and they can still benefit from provisions of the “old Regulations”
- EU citizens must have Pre-Settled or Settled status to sponsor the family members post 01-07-2021
- Non-visa national may not be able to switch in-country for EU Pre-settled status from visitor visas from 01-01-2021
- Extended family members (not unmarried partners but other relatives), third country nationals who are still outside the UK - the deadline to apply to join the EU sponsor in the UK is 31-12-2020
- Family permit may be applied from anywhere, not only from the country of Residence
- Turkish workers visa applications are coming to an end on the 1st January 2021
- UK BA EEA Residence cards may not be accepted by other countries from 01-01-2021. Applicants with the “pre-Brexit” UK BA EEA Residence cards may need to change them to the Limited (Indefinite) Leave to Remain under the Appendix EU (Pre-(Settled) Scheme))
- In the future the Home Office will be issuing digital “visas” (status letter) for everyone, the same way they have been issuing EU Settled Status to the EU citizens
- Pending EEA applications which are decided after 01-01-2021 will be issued under the EEA Regs ?
- COVID19 absences – there is a Policy and it will be published shortly, before Christmas 2020
- Home Office has been running remote marriage interviews

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