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Внимание ! Лимит отсутствий на гражданство, даже несмотря на COVID19

Из моей статьи по отсутствиям в последний год перед подачей на гражданство, обратите внимание:

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>>> Naturalisation as a British citizen by discretion: nationality policy guidance - COVID19 absences CANNOT exceed 180 days in the last year:

Note that one must not exceed the limit of 180 days of absences in the last 12 months even if the absences were COVID19 related, according to the Home Office's Naturalization as a British citizen by discretion: nationality policy guidance.


"...of more than 100 days but not more than 180 days where the residence requirements over the full qualifying period are not met – consider exercising discretion if both the following apply:

        - applicants have demonstrated that they have made this country their home by establishing a home, employment family, property and finances in the UK
        - the absence is justified by Crown service or by compelling occupational or compassionate reasons, including inability to travel because of a global pandemic"
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