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Виза чтобы остаться в UK для помощи родственнику ? Есть такая возможность

Виза чтобы остаться в UK для помощи родственнику ?

Есть такая возможность.


>>> Leave outside the Rules – three-month concession for carers:

This is a little-known provision designed to allow applicants to be granted a short grant of leave to remain (ordinarily, three months) to provide urgent care to a settled or British relative and, most importantly, to make arrangements for their long-term care. The guidance says that the following points are relevant to applications on this basis:

- the type of illness/condition (this should be supported by a Consultant’s letter); and
- the type of care required; and
- care which is available (e.g. from the Social Services or other relatives/friends); and
- the long-term prognosis.

The guidance also states that although applications for leave in order to care for a sick or disabled friend should normally be refused, “in an emergency (e.g. where the patient has suddenly fallen ill and there is insufficient time to arrange permanent care or where there is nobody else in the United Kingdom to whom the patient can turn) it may be appropriate to grant leave”.

An applicant’s prospects of success depend largely on the severity of their relative’s condition, the urgency of their care needs and the quality of the supporting evidence. A grant of leave is more likely, for example, in cases where the relative is terminally ill and requires help with everyday tasks than in cases where the illness is less severe and the care required is emotional support rather than practical assistance.

Contrary to the guidance, which is out of date, a refusal of this application only carries a right of appeal if the First-tier Tribunal accepts jurisdiction to hear the appeal. That is only possible where it is satisfied that there has been a refusal of a human rights application, so it may be helpful to raise Article 8 (and Article 3, where relevant) grounds in the application.

Although this is not stated by the guidance, the appropriate form in this case would be FLR(HRO), if making the application in the UK. If making the application outside the UK, the relevant form is the visit visa form.

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