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Adult Dependent Relatives - привезти родителей могут и лица без ILR/гражданства

Обратите внимание, что по категории Adult Dependent Relatives - теперь спонсировать родителей/родственников для переезда в UK могут и лица без ILR/гражданства.


"For those ADRs whose sponsor is not yet settled or a British citizen (and who instead has limited leave to remain as a refugee, person with humanitarian protection or under Appendix EU, in accordance with paragraph GEN.1.3.(d)) the ADR may be granted limited leave in line with their sponsor and once their sponsor has made an application for ILR the ADR is also able to apply in line."


* Статус на основании Appendix EU - это EU Pre-Settled Status или EU Settled Status. :appl:

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