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Новости о Scale-up Visa

From the UK BA conference on the Scale-up visa:

(NB Preliminary points; may change when the Home Office makes a formal announcement of the Rules under the route):

- It will fall under the license system, so the UK employers will be able to add the ability to sponsor migrants under the Scale-up category
- It will be possible to switch from the Scale-up route into the Skilled Worker route
- UK Employers must have at least 20 employees, have revenue rising from 20% annually and exist for at least for 3 years
- UK Employers must be VAT registered
- The UK Employers may be able to apply for the Scale-up license before identifying the relevant individuals
- There will be no reporting duties for the Employers under the Scale-up visa
- Applicants will need to score 70 points
- Initial visas will be granted for 2 years, with extension for further 3 years and after 5 years the applicants may be able to apply for Settlement in the UK
- Applicants must have at least RQF6 level of education
- Minimum salary of £33 000 per annum
- Applicants must have B1 CEFR English language level
- Migrant can only work for the sponsoring Employer for 6 months and then leave them to work elsewhere without new sponsorship (!)
- Extension – no sponsorship is required; salary level will be checked via PAYE
- Applicant’s self-employment earnings will not be counted towards the salary level (?)
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