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Только что с конференции Home Office по существующим и новым украинским визовым схемам

Только что с конференции Home Office по существующим и новым украинским визовым схемам

The Legal Centre has attended the Home Office Conference on the existing and new Ukrainian Schemes. Just sharing the interesting and/or important points:

1. Home Office caseworkers are encouraged NOT to refuse the application where possible.

Overstayers/undocumented migrants with no relatives in the UK (and who cannot otherwise apply under the Ukrainian Family Scheme (UFS)) MAY potentially benefit from the outside of rules applications under the HOMES FOR UKRAINE (H4U) in contract to the new Ukrainian Extension Scheme (UES) as the UES has a clear PRIOR immigration status requirement.

(From the practical experience I have indeed seen several approvals under the UFS for the undocumented migrants/overstayers as well as the H4U for the illegal entrants/people in the UK)

>>> The best course of option is to, well, leave the UK and apply for the Homes for Ukraine (H4U) from outside of the UK and then enter the UK, thus complying with the Rules. This creates a stronger case and brings the application under the Rules, potentially benefitting future applications (Settlement, Naturalization).

2. The "You can enter the UK" Ukrainian Scheme grant letters are undated and there is no limit on the time the applicant may enter the UK. That said, some common sense should be used; the letters were issued with the view that the applicant is intending to enter the UK soon. So the longer it takes the applicant to enter the UK, the more questions may be asked at the border as to why the travel into the UK was delayed.

3. The new Ukrainian Extension Scheme (UES) does not provide a right for a family reunion/dependent cannot join the UES applicant

4. Alternatively, all Ukrainians may have a claim for Asylum and/or Humanitarian protection given the widespread violence perpetrated by Russian forces. The waiting time for the decision on asylum is likely to be 1 year or more.

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